About Us
A little bit of the Why for Analytic Iron.

Analytic Iron was created to be a resource for new analyst to find help in accomplishing X,Y, and Z. Our goal is to give back by providing a free resource (exception for the ads) to new analysts.
The team at Analytic Iron started at ground-zero and worked the knowledge base up through exposure to thought leaders as well as extensive hours googlin' "how to do x-y-z". We hope our articles help you achieve similar or greater analytical scale, just as others have helped us.

Right now the team is a 1-man operation, myself, but don't let that deter you. Shoot me any questions you may have. I'll do my best to help you out - whether that's clarifying concepts  or giving you direction wherever I can.

Much Love & Hala Madrid
-Nick Rivera

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This is a picture of musical notes. The picture is representative of the instructional videos and blog posts that the Analytic Iron website provides
We've got the step-by-steps to help you manipulate your data
The services offered by the team at Analytic Iron
Need a model created? Let's connect and get to it. This is our bread-and-butter.
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Process Automation
We can help automate manual processes. Book a call & recover your team's productivity!
Book a call to explore the different avenues the Analytic Iron team can help You extract insights from Your Data.
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